Discover The Many Colours and Flavours of Chhat Puja

The festival season in India is up and running. Starting with Ganesh Chaturti, followed up with Vishwakarma puja, thereafter we celebrated the grand Durga Puja.  Then we had the Lakshmi Puja, and Kartik Puja, and it was followed by the “festival of lights”, Diwali and now we have the Chhat Puja. It happens to be one of the most pious and revered festivals, which originated from Bihar but is celebrated, with much enthusiasm throughout India. It is a festival that reflects the deep rooted folk culture and heritage of the state of Bihar.

What the Chhat Puja is about?

You would know that right from ancient times, the Sun God has been worshipped and followed by many. The Chhat Puja is dedicated to the Sun God. This auspicious festival requires an arduous fast, for more than 24 hours. Along with the same, the Parvaitin, the one who observes this puja, follows a period of abstinence and segregation from the main household for two days. They are also supposed to carry out the ritual of taking a bath in the holy waters of the Ganges following this observance of 2 days.

Nahae-Khae (Bathe and Eat)

On the 1st day of Chhat, the Parvaitin, as explained above, takes a holy bath and then cooks the proper meal free from onions and garlic. Her fast begins after having taken this meal, and the same is broken, on the next evening.


On the second day of this ancient festival, the Parivatin cooks the Prasad that includes kheer, along with chapattis. She breaks her fast with this Prasad, and the leftovers are distributed as the Prasad to the others in the family.

Pehla Arghya

On the third day, at dusk, the Parivaitin along with the other devotees walks to the banks of the holy river to offer the Arhya to the setting sun. This is an offering that includes milk and  Ganga river waters 

Doosra Arghya

This happens on the early morning of the 4th day at dawn, where again the Parvitain visits the banks of the river, which is richly decorated with diyas and flowers, and many devotees swarm there. There are plenty of fireworks as well.  

With this holy ceremony and puja, it is believed that the powerful Sun God wards away all evil and dark spirits and at the same time enlightens the world at large with sanctity and goodness. The Arghya is offered, to the rising sun which, is accompanied by folk songs and hymns, and the same is believed, to be very sacred indeed.   

This year will be different

Much like all other festivals, which were a bit tepid owing to the ongoing COVID 19 Corona Virus Pandemic, the celebration of the Chhat Puja too is likely to be a bit desultory.  Every year thousands swarm the river banks. But this year, the numbers may be less, and the social distancing norms have to be followed strictly. However, the celebrations would continue.  When it comes to the celebration of any festival, flowers, you would know, play an important role. It would also do the same during Chhat Puja this time. Right from decorations to the offering of Argya and puja flowers, it is an integral part of all. If you want to buy Puja Flowers online for Chhat Puja or puja flowers home delivery in Kolkata, Fussion Florist is the best in the field.

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